PIC 16x84 Basics

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Flash Tutorials


Flash IconArchitecture Overview

Flash IconArchitecture Comparison

Flash IconPipelining


Long Word Instruction

Flash IconLong Word Instruction

Flash IconExample of Long Word Instruction


PICmicro Architecture Block Diagram

Flash IconProgram memory/Stack

Flash IconInstruction Register

Flash IconALU/File Registers

Flash IconData Bus

Flash IconPeripherals

Flash IconAddress Mux/FSR

Flash IconAuxiliary Functions

Flash IconRegister File Concept


Data Memory

Flash IconData Memory: Direct Addressing

Flash IconData Memory: Indirect Addressing

Flash IconData Memory: Indirect Addressing Example


Program  Memory

Flash IconProgram Memory: Immediate Addressing

Flash IconProgram Memory: PC Absolute Addressing


Program Counter (PC)

Flash IconPC Relative Addressing

Flash IconPC Relative Addressing (cont)


Look-up Tables

Flash IconLook-up Table Example



Flash IconInterrupt Overview

Flash IconInterrupt Comparison

Flash IconInterrupt Comparison Summary


Flash IconInstruction Set Overview

Flash IconInstruction Set Summary

Flash IconByte Oriented Operations

Flash IconBit Oriented Operations
Flash IconEncoding Format

Flash IconLiteral and Control Operations
Flash IconEncoding Format

Flash Icon14 bit Core Instructions
Flash IconBit Manipulation Example

Flash IconBit Manipulation Performance Comparison






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